AI Meets Data Visualization in Vysda Beta 7

We are happy to announce the Beta 7 release of Vysda, introducing our new core AI engine to help users visualize their data.

Creating the right charts and visualizations from a data set is one of the most challenging parts of data visualization. It requires a good understanding of the data set and a solid command of the data visualization platform. You need to select the right visualization, assign the right columns, apply the appropriate expressions, generate the necessary filters, et al.

To facilitate this process, we have built an interface that’s capable of handling all of these tasks (almost) automatically. Simply point the system to your data set, triggering an analysis that will produce hundreds of suggested visualizations for you to choose from. Below is a short video showing off some of the basic capabilities of our AI.

Our goal is to continue improving our AI engine, making it smarter and more efficient when transforming your data into meaningful visualizations.

Stay tuned!