What’s New in Beta 6

Beta 6 version of Vysda has recently been released with many new features. One of the most useful features of Vysda has been the multiples visualization. Multiple is a collection of miniaturized charts or maps packed in a single visualization. Previously we supported multiples for a few chart and map types. In this beta, you can create a multiple from any visualization type.

We’ve also added a new map type called Continuous Cartogram which is a regular map with each polygon expanded or contracted proportional to its value. The advantage of this map is to make very small polygons proportional to their values. Below is an animated continuous cartogram showing the changing population of people aged 25+ having bachelor’s degrees with years. In a regular map, Washington DC would be almost invisible because of its size despite the fact that it has the highest percentage of all states. In continuous cartogram, it becomes visible proportional to its value.

Scheduled data update is another important feature implemented in this beta. Assume you’ve created project using data from a website. But the data on the website is updated daily. You extracted the data and created your project. But a few days later your project will have outdated data. With this new feature, you can schedule to refresh the data from its source periodically. You can set it up to refresh daily, weekly, monthly etc. You can also set the exact time the data will be refreshed. If you have wrangled the data initially, you can apply the same wrangling rules automatically after each data refresh. This way, your data will always stay in sync with its source.

There are may other smaller features and improvements implemented in this beta. Let us know what you think!