Vysda Beta 4 is Live

We are pleased to announce the release of Beta 4. We developed many new and exciting features in this version.

One of the most exciting features in Beta 4 is the animation feature. You can create animated visualization with only a few clicks. The post below is an animated map of winning parties of US presidential elections in each state from 1828 to 2016. Pressing the play button starts the animation.


 We have also changed the structure of post pages and added some new capabilities. On the right side of each post, you will now find a list of related posts. New menu icons on the top right corner of each post image will provide quick access to things like seeing the details of data source. You can also see the underlying data used in the post in a tabular format and able to download it directly.


Data wrangler is another important feature we developed in this beta. Many times original data is not in a form that can easily be visualized. It needs to be cleansed and transformed to a format that can be used in visualizations. Most people use tools like Excel to do that. We now have a web based data wrangler utility in Vysda where you can transform a newly uploaded or an existing data. Many capabilities like unpivot, reformat, trim, find/replace are supported.

These are only few of the new features we developed in Beta 4. Visit www.vysda.com and enjoy these new features.