Vysda- On the Data Socializing Frontier

The rising popularity of data journalism has spurred action not only amidst major news outlets (in the form of in-house data analytics departments) but also amongst individuals that are utilizing data visualization tools to identify hidden trends in the growing list of public data repositories. Forum-like venues have been increasingly popping up, including the tremendously popular /DataIsBeautiful SubReddit, which allow users to share their findings and engage in open discussions surrounding data and data analytics.

As a frequent user of such forums, I often find myself leaving those sites with more questions than answers. What if I invert the parameters and look in the data in a different light? What if I were to combine these two datasets to see if I can gather an insight into a separate trend?

Unfortunately, to handle these types of inquiries requires a series of time-consuming tasks. Can I find the data set? Is the data pre-processed for the author’s purpose or raw? If I eventually find the source of truth, I need to find a tool that can aid me in the analysis and visualization of the data. Does it include the chart types I am looking for? Can I express my findings easily and accurately? And, finally, I need to identify the proper venue to share and discuss my visualizations. Does this data or visualization adequately fit within the rules of this board? ANOTHER QUESTION

And that is why we developed Vysda.

Vysda is a free social platform that brings data, data visualization tools, and collaboration features together. In short, it’s a place for doing data stuff with other humans.

In Vysda, all data, visualization projects, and posts are public. User can access any data available on Vysda, track their source, analyze trends in the data, and visualize it using Vysda’s built-in dashboarding component, and ultimately share their findings through posts with the community. One platform, one solution.

Exploring Data

For those interested in exploration rather than participation, Vysda offers the means to view popular data and visualizations, regardless of whether you are registered with the service.


 Engage the Community

View the visualization, scour the data sources, engage in discussions – Vysda is all about providing a community for individuals interested in data.


Bringing public data to the public

Search through Vysda’s repository of data and visualizations for topics that interest you – all data is free to use: Vysda’s community is fueled by open data.


Check your sources

Skeptical about the data? Check the source! Source information is always published in conjunction with every visualization, so no more endless scouring to find the source of truth.


Introducing the Vysboard

Your best friend in making sense of data sets. The Vysboard is a dashboard solution that allows you to create interactive charts, diagrams, and maps inspired by your analysis.


Like It? Fork It

Found a visualization you like? Notice a trend someone else may have missed? Fork it! You’ll get your own version of the dashboard that you can use to re-imagine the data in a different light.


Don’t have what you want? Tell us!

Vysda is a platform under active development. We are working hard to create a space for data enthusiasts to interact, explore, and create together. We’re always looking for more suggestions on how to improve – you’re always one email away from a real developer who loves data, just like you.

Request an invite today!

Vysda is currently in private beta. We invite all data enthusiasts to sign up for a private key and help us achieve our goal of making Vysda the central hub for their data-oriented endeavors!

Signing off – your friend in Data Analytics,