New Features Available in Upcoming Beta 4 Release!


Some new features and updates to Vysda are on their way! Check out what you’ll be seeing very soon from us! We’re passionate about data visualization and want to keep bringing you improvements and as always, Vysda is a free-to-use social site for seasoned data practitioners and novices alike!

New Additions-Data Importing from Web Pages

How often do you need work on data from a web page? Copying structured data from a web page can be problematic. Most people use Excel to copy and paste but this is an extra manual step. As part of a new feature in the Data Wizard, you can now simply copy/paste the URL and Vysda will import the data for you. It even handles multiple tables on a web page!

Data Wrangler Tool

When you upload new data to Vysda, it often needs some cleaning and transformation. You may need to remove unnecessary columns, rename headers, re-format data, split and restructure columns, etc. All this work can now be done using the new data wrangler tool. Data columns can be wrangled individually or collectively and all actions (which are recorded in the Action History) can be undone with ease.



Animation can now be added to many of the current types of visualizations available on the Vysboard! Through the new animation tab for each visualization type, you’ll be able to enable and configure animations. By doing so, you will be able to render a video showing time progression, a comparison of ideas, or to highlight trends.

Cartogram and Other New Maps

Standard area maps are great to visualize data against a geographic area. For example, population data can be represented through shading each state on a map. But states with smaller areas, like Rhode Island, are often difficult to see. A Cartogram map type is a solution for this issue. Cartograms represent each geographic area by a geometric object with its size proportional to the data. Hence the bigger the data, the bigger the object’s size. Here is a Cartogram example using squares.


Another variation of the Cartogram that we’ll be adding is the Tile Map. Here are a few examples of how this map type can look:


We’ll also be adding several other new types of charts and diagrams like Route Maps, Radar Charts, Bump Diagrams, and Density Maps to refresh the ways in which you can use Vysda to visualize your data!

More on the Horizon…

After the Beta 4 release, we’ll begin work right away on Beta 5. More improvements and enhancements are on their way!